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Rose flower water distilled for skin and hair applications. The Ultimate Cosmetic Item for Skin and Hair!

Transparent liquid, colorless; specific rose aroma; Essential oil content 0.03 - 0.9%. The natural rose water is a gently cleansing and toning product for all skin types. Maintains the pH balance, stimulates regeneration processes, has a calming effect in acne and sunburns. As a result the skin texture becomes even and elastic.

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Rose water samples

Decoration line Be Rose natural rose water

Be Rose natural rose water 200 ml # 20411 (cosmetic grade i.e. with preservatives)

Decoration line BioRose flower water (Rosa damascena) 500 ml

BioRose flower water (Rosa damascena) 500 ml (16.9 fl oz) with outer box # 11616 (no preservatives added with 18 months shelf life)

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Rose water specifications

The Natural Rose water is capable of wonders when it bathes the body. With its unmatched aroma it leaves the feeling of pleasure, beauty and youth. It is a means to banish fatigue and bad mood and recharges with energy. Natural tonic, it gently cleanses and tonics all types of hair. Maintains the pH balance, stimulates regenerating processes, and has calming effect in acne and sun burns. The Rose water has beneficial moisturizing and strengthening effect on hair. Obtained through steam distillation of fresh rose petals of Rosa Damascena P.Mill, the Bulgarian variety of Rosa Damascena.

Information on natural rose water

Botanical name: Rosa Damascena
Part of plant used: Blossoms
Country of origin: Bulgaria
Cultivated herb: Yes
Natural herb: Yes
Gathered herb: Yes
Organic certification - certifying body Not certified
Fumigants used: N/A
Method of manufacture: Water-steam distillation
Material safety data sheets: Available upon request
Method of analysis: Gas-chromatography
Known formulation incompatibilities: N/A
Must be homogenous blend: Yes
Seasonal harvesting: During May and June
Certificate of analysis: Yes
Chemical definition: Distillation mixture of water and essential rose oil , containing phenyl-ethyl alcohol, geraniol, nerol and others.
Synonyms: None
Storage: Keep in well-sealed containers at to 5 – 20ºC, without direct exposure to sunshine or heat sources
Appearance: Transparent or opalescent liquid
Color: Colorless
Aroma: Of Rose
Content of essential oil: Not less than 0.025%
Identity: Of phenyl-ethyl alcohol, geraniol, nerol – by Gas-Chromatography
Physicochemical indices:  
Relative gravity at 20ºC: 0.950 - 1.000
pH (direct): 4.00 - 8.00
Percent of ethanol: 0.00 - 4.00
Total viable aerobic count: Not more than 1000 CFU/g
Fungi: Not more than 100 CFU/g
Staphylococcus aureus: Not detected
Reported uses: Natural Rose water is a product used in perfumery and cosmetics.

Rose water: what to use it for and how?

Recommended use: for compresses in acne and skin irritation; for nourishing and hydrating facial and hair masks; for moisturizing the body after bath; for damp baths in dry skin; for frictions in dry and damaged hair.

Application: warm compresses for 10 – 15 minutes; damp baths – once a week; frictions – after washing the hair; body moisturizing – mornings and evenings with wet cotton ball.

Ingredients: aqua, alcohol, Rosa damascena p Mill. Does not contain artificial coloring, fragrance or other additives. Organic rose water contains no preservatives. We offer a No alcohol and No preservatives conventional rose water.

Storage: in a dry and cool place.

Expiration term and lot number: 30 months conventional rose water; 24 months No alcohol and No Preservatives; 18 months Organic Rose water. See expiration on the bottle.

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Las Vegas, NV 89135
Sofia, Bulgaria 1125

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