Rose Oil Wholesale and Professional Size Orders

Rose oil concum and storage vessels

Wholesale orders are considered 50 to 250 grams which may be purchased online. Larger orders of one kilogram or more require direct discussion with us.

Rose oil is offered in specifically developed for it containers called concums. They prevent adulteration, allow verification of quality, and safe transportation for the oil.

Rose oil small sizes orders

Decoration line Rose oil concum 100 grams

Rose oil (otto) concum 50 g (1.765 oz) # 11344

Decoration line Rose aromatherapy bottle

Rose oil (otto) concum 100 g (3.527 oz) # 11345

Decoration line Rose aromatherapy bottle

Rose oil (otto) concum 250 g (8.825 oz) # 11346

Decoration line

The Bulgarian Rose oil is a precious substance obtained through a hydro-distillation from fresh rose petals. Depending on the climate conditions in takes some 3,500 to 4,000 kg of rose petals to obtain 1 kilogram of rose oil. From antiquity up to the present days rose oil has been used not only for its unique scent but it is a base of the most expensive and high quality perfumes.

Units of measure: 1 gram (g) = 0.0353 oz; 1 kilogram (kg) = 2.2046 lb; 1 ml rose oil = 0.87 g

Why contract rose oil in advance?

Advanced ordering: We offer price incentives for advanced ordering for deliveries for the next harvest year, which usually is the months of July and August when distillation is completed. Take advantage of low minimum orders and in most cases no advanced deposits.

There are several important considerations affecting the price of rose oil. Roses are collected during the months of May and June only. It takes approximately 4,000 kg (approx. 8,000 lbs) to obtain 1 kg (2.2046 lbs) of Rose oil. Increasing the available supply of roses is only possible when new rose gardens are planted. It takes 2 years for the rose bushes to fully grow.

Roses we grow and collect are allocated for the production of four products: Rose oil, rose absolute, rose concrete and rose water. We offer incentives with advanced order so we can correctly distribute the available supply of roses, a very fragile plant dependent on increasingly changing climate and growing conditions. Roses are picked up from the field and must immediately be put to use, or else the contained essential oil dries out.

Rose oils trading practices: Please note that even if the rose oil is a liquid it is traditionally traded in kilograms and not in liters, simply to be able to correctly determine how many kilograms of roses are needed for the production of one kilogram of rose oil.

What aromatic materials are avaialble from roses?

  • Rose essential oil is steam or hydro distilled from fresh petals of Rosa Damascena.
  • Rose wateris steam or hydro distilled from fresh rose petals of Rosa Damascena.
  • Rose absolute is solvent extraction from rose concrete.
  • Rose concrete is obtained through solvent extraction from Rosa Damascena.
  • Rose waxes material left over from concrete extraction. Special orders only.

We would like to emphasize that not all the Bulgarian Rose oil is the same. Based on scientific data and research Bulgarian State Standard has established values for quality Bulgarian Rose oil for key important indices. This specification is also a base for the European Pharmacopoeia specification of Rose oil.

Bulgarian Rose Oil Key Indices:

Specific gravity at 30/15°C: 0,8206 - 0,8710
Freezing point, °C: 11,5 - 27,20
Polarization, °: 1,04 - 4,90
Acid number: 0,7081 - 4,2740
Ester number: 7,48 - 18,30
Acetyl number: 198 - 235
Saponification number, %: 8,16 - 21,914
Combined alcohols like C10H18O, %: 2,03 - 25,114
Free alcohols like C10H18O, %: 60,89 - 76,11
Stearoptene, %: 12,65 - 21,00

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