Bulgarian OrganiRose Co: The Rose oil Guarantee of Authenticity!

Rose oil genuine serial number verification illustration

Genuine Bulgarian rose oil serial number verification!

The Bulgarian Rose Co has devised a system of serial numbers with unbreakable algorithm, and online place to verify the genuine Bulgarian Rose oil by entering the serial number and getting response from the central database of serial number validity.

Applies to Rose oil retail sizes of 1, 2, 10 grams, and 50, 100 and 250 gram concums in SELECT ISSUES and TERRITORIES from 2012 distillations.

Fraudulent practices of adulterated rose oil such as mixing of carrier oils with rose oil, or mixing of different origin rose oil with Bulgarian Rose oil are preventable. Do not be defrauded! Ask for serial number!

We would like to emphasize that not all the Bulgarian Rose oil is the same. Based on scientific data and research Bulgarian State Standard has established values for quality Bulgarian Rose oil for key important indices. This specification is also a base for the European Pharmacopoeia specification of Rose oil.

Bulgarian Rose Oil Key Indices:

Specific gravity at 30/15°C: 0,8206 - 0,8710
Freezing point, °C: 11,5 - 27,20
Polarization, °: 1,04 - 4,90
Acid number: 0,7081 - 4,2740
Ester number: 7,48 - 18,30
Acetyl number: 198 - 235
Saponification number, %: 8,16 - 21,914
Combined alcohols like C10H18O, %: 2,03 - 25,114
Free alcohols like C10H18O, %: 60,89 - 76,11
Stearoptene, %: 12,65 - 21,00

Why Bulgarian Rose oil?

Rose oil concum and storage vessels

The Bulgarian Rose Co is the undisputed leader in the distillation of Genuine Bulgarian Rose oil also known as Rose Otto, or Attar of Roses. The FIRST factor is expertise in growing roses from the Rosa Damascena P. Mill variety - from the planting and maintenance to collecting the roses; SECOND comes the over 65 year expertise in the field of distilling essential oils - the technological expertise and know-how. THIRD, the accredited laboratories and personnel to evaluate the distilled rose oil. FORTH, the distilleries, mechanisms and logistics for moving roses from the fields and immediately into distillations before the rose material has dried out.

The larger vessels from 50 grams and on have specially developed for storage and shipping container called concum, pictured here at right are 50 grams, 100 grams and 1 kilogram concums.

The top of the concum is soldered to prevent adulteration, and the buyer is guaranteed the quality of the rose oil with the sample 1 gram attached to the neck of the container. The rose oil quality in the larger vessel can be first checked by sampling the oil!

The system of serial numbers for smaller sizes is the final guarantee for you!


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