About Bulgarian Rose oil by the Bulgarian OrganiRose Plc

Bulgarian Rose oil also known as Rose otto, Attar of Roses is a Bulgarian tradition of over 350 years old!

Rose oil is hydro distilled and specially packaged

  • Rose oil from Rosa Damascena P. Miller is hydro distilled in the Valley of Roses in Bulgaria.
  • In souvenir packing traditional wooden vial and the ingenious silver vial (currently not available) with a respective content of 1 g. From antiquity up to the present days rose oil has been used not only for its unique scent but it is a base of the most expensive and high quality perfumes. It is a helpful medicine with a thousand-year-old application in medicinal practice.
  • Genuine Bulgarian Rose oil with serial number verifiable online direct from the manufacturer – The Bulgarian Rose Plc, Karlovo, The Rose Valley, Bulgaria.
  • Units of measure: 1 gram (g) = 0.0353 oz; 1 kilogram (kg) = 2.2046 lb; 1 ml rose oil = 0.87 g

Organic Rose materials

We offer organic rose materials for several years already such as Rose oil and Rose water. Certified by reputable European organic certifiers and USDA. Because of limited shelf life outside of our storage facilities we offer these materials with our Advanced orders program.

Shipping and storage vessel!

  • The Rose oil shipping vessel (concum): Certified by the Bulgarian Rose Company's own Accredited Laboratory. Concums are available in the sizes 50, 100 and 250 grams; 1, 5 and 15 kg.
  • Safe transportation of the costly rose oil required good packing. For this purpose, special tinned copper vessels in decorated wooden casing, called concums were designed. More ...
  • Rose oils trading practices: Please note that even if the rose oil is a liquid it is traditionally traded in kilograms and not in liters.
  • Rose oil storage and order preparation: Rose oil is stored in special cold conditions in the central laboratory. When orders are received rose oil is retrieved from bulk storage. The order is prepared by a commission that certifies the quality and accurate weight. Turnaround time is 3-4 business days.
  • Rose oil expiry term: The Rose oil does not have an expiration date, if stored under normal room conditions (18 to 35C). The rose oil is forever.

Advanced orders!

  • Roses from the Rosa Damascena variety are grown in the Rose Valley, Bulgaria. They are used for production of four aromatic products: Rose essential oil, rose absolute, rose concrete, and rose water.
  • We need to know in advance for what product we will use the roses, and, we get one chance every year!

  • Advanced ordering: We offer price incentives for advanced ordering for deliveries for the next harvest year, which usually is the months of July and August when distillation is completed. We offer low minimum orders and in most cases no advanced deposits.
  • Important information: There are several important considerations affecting the price of rose oil. Roses are collected during the months of May and June only. It takes approximately 4,000 kg (approx. 8,000 lbs) to obtain 1 kg (2.2046 lbs) of Rose oil. Increasing the available supply is only possible when new rose gardens are planted. It takes 2 years for the rose bushes to fully grow.

Rosa Damascena a bit of history!

  • The first roses were brought to Thrace by the returning soldiers of Alexander of Macedon's garrisons. Belgian chronicle mentions that in 1210 crusaders saw large areas planted with roses near Edirne. More ...
  • The Rose Valley is a notion, generally associated with the location where the Bulgarian oil-bearing rose grows. More ...
  • It is generally accepted that there are more than 5000 varieties of roses, yet only a few of them exhibit that marked fragrance that is sought by perfumeries.
  • The Bulgarian oil-bearing rose has been cultivated in the Rose Valley for more than 300 years now. It has established itself as a stable, independent type of rose, differing in its anatomy and physiology. More ...
  • The oil-bearing rose species developed into an independent type as a result of the peculiar climate in the Rose Valley. It preserved its unique character due to a strictly applied new technology of multiplication and cultivation. More ...

Bulgarian Rose oil properties and characteristics

Obtaining any natural extract such as wine or essential oils is a very complex undertaking, but the rose oil wears king’s crown of complexity!

The Bulgarian Rose Co is the undisputed leader in the distillation of Genuine Bulgarian Rose oil also known as Rose Otto, or Attar of Roses. The FIRST factor is expertise in growing roses from the Rosa Damascena P. Miller variety - from the planting and maintenance to collecting the roses; SECOND comes the over 65 year expertise in the field of distilling essential oils - the technological expertise and know-how. THIRD, the accredited laboratories and personnel to evaluate the distilled rose oil. FORTH, the distilleries and mechanisms for moving roses from the fields and immediately into distillations before the rose material has dried out.

We would like to emphasize that not all the Bulgarian Rose oil is the same. Based on scientific data and research Bulgarian State Standard has established values for quality Bulgarian Rose oil for key important indices. This specification is also a base for the European Pharmacopoeia specification of Rose oil.

Bulgarian Rose Oil Key Indices:

Specific gravity at 30/15°C: 0,8206 - 0,8710
Freezing point, °C: 11,5 - 27,20
Polarization, °: 1,04 - 4,90
Acid number: 0,7081 - 4,2740
Ester number: 7,48 - 18,30
Acetyl number: 198 - 235
Saponification number, %: 8,16 - 21,914
Combined alcohols like C10H18O, %: 2,03 - 25,114
Free alcohols like C10H18O, %: 60,89 - 76,11
Stearoptene, %: 12,65 - 21,00

For your own benefit do not accept any imitations of rose oil!


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